Having regular facials provides many benefits to your overall skin health. Besides promoting relaxation, you will see great improvements to your skin tone, texture and overall skin rejuvenation. Using professional skincare products on your skin will provide your skin with essential nutrients. 


With the help of our skincare experts, we are able to analyse and personalize your treatment to suit your skincare needs. If you are unsure as to what your skin needs, stop by any Deluxe store to get a complimentary Face Scan by our skincare experts, who will provide you with a personalized treatment and product prescription.


After only two months I can see a remarkable difference in my skin. My pigmentation around my cheeks and forehead have lightened and my skin is glowing. Dr Grandel vitamin A, C & E products and Timeless range work wonders.




Skin Affair has been created by experts with decades of experience using the best, globally sourced ingredients. Key elements in the range are Acmella Flower or Gatuline® Expression - a natural active that brings immediate improvement to the eye contour, reducing expression lines and wrinkles. A kind of "natural botox".


Skin Affair is an expertly crafted and affordable South African skincare range which is Cosmos certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

45 MIN . R395
CLASSIC JOURNEY (deep cleanse)

A specialised treatment which includes a combination of deep pore cleansing, facial extractions and a probiotic cream mask which assist with the absorption of excess oil and impurities, to refine the skin`s texture.

60 MIN . R595
WELLNESS JOURNEY (hydrating/brightening)
A corrective and active facial created to reverse the signs of premature aging and sun damage. This results oriented facial includes a double exfoliation and two masks to reveal a brighter, vibrant and more refined complexion.
75 MIN . R655
PREMIUM JOURNEY (signature facial) 

This is our age-defying, award-winning facial. Combining organic serums, along with unique and original massage throughout the facial creates an experience in deep hydration and nourishment with immediate results. Includes cutting edge exfoliation with a cooling effect, to minimize inflammation and redness, while reducing puffiness and improving texture.


What is the difference between Certified Organic and Organic?

Skin Affair is so much more than “clean beauty”—we’re Certified Organic. There are so many buzz words thrown around daily regarding skincare, beauty and household products, and with Skin Affair—you know what you are getting and putting on your skin. Skin Affair is certified organic and natural in accordance with COSMOS, a global certifying agency that follows strict organic guidelines and regulations around ingredients and the manufacturing process. Simply because a product says it is “natural” or “organic” it can still have many harmful ingredients mixed in or ingredients that can turn into formaldehyde causing agents.

Are all the ingredients in Skin Affair vegan friendly?

We do not test our products on animals, and best of all, our products are vegan friendly.

Does Skin Affair test on animals?

No, we do not engage in animal testing, nor do our formulas contain animal-derived ingredients.

Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Fragrance - How and why does Skin Affair use essential oils?

Skin Affair only uses natural or organic essential oils to scent our products (NEVER artificial or synthetic fragrance), which follows our belief in presenting only the purest of skincare products. Historically, essential oils have been used for centuries to delicately fragrance the skin and have been the backbone of most natural or organic skin and body care products. We blend essential oils into our product not only from an aromatherapy standpoint—but mostly importantly—for their specific skin benefits. We use these oils at very minute levels, so as not to overpower the senses nor cause any irritation.

Are all of the ingredients in Skin Affair products sourced from South Africa?

Skin Affair continually sources the highest quality, finest ingredients for our products from around the world. All testing, production and packaging is done in Cape Town as we strive to bring you quality at the most affordable price.

How soon will I start seeing results from using Skin Affair products?

Some people see results the first time they use the products, and everyone tells us that their skin feels different straight away. The skin feels, clean, smooth, hydrated, and reflects a new level of health that is visibly noticeable. If the skin has more advanced long-term needs, such as treatment of skin ageing, acne or hyper pigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations or sun damage, results may not be immediately visible; however, skin health will continue to improve as you follow your Skin Affair skin regimen.

What is the best skincare routine to follow?

We suggest starting with just 2-3 products initially, for example- cleanser, serum and moisturiser. Allow 2-4 weeks to establish a consistent routine and ensure your skin is responding well. Then start to expand your routine and add additional products. Not sure where to start? Our travel size products is the perfect way to trial our products and see how they suit your skin.

How often should I exfoliate?

Everyone's skin is different, and it's best to adjust your routine depending on your skin type or skin concerns. Hypersensitive Skin: every 7 days Mild Rosacea & Sensitive Skin: once a week Combination/Oily Skin: 3 times per week Dry/Dehydrated, Mature & Acne-Prone Skin: 3 times per week WHICH EXFOLIATOR? Our Granular Exfoliator is a gentle, natural exfoliation with 100% renewable biodegradable and GMO free scrubbing beads. It gently buff away dead skin cells without damaging the healthy cells underneath. Spread granules on cleansed face, neck and decollete with lightly moistened hands in circular movements for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use 3-4 times a week. Suggested for Dry/Dehydrated Skin. Our enzymatic exfoliator contains papaya and gently removes dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover. Use after cleansing. Wet with Skin Affair Toning Mist and apply to clean, dry skin. Massage skin surface with wet fingertips to activate the product and leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use 3-4 times a week. Suggested for Oily/Combination Skin.

Is your product suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our products do not contain any soaps, alcohols or synthetic fragrances and our natural ingredients are soothing for sensitive skins.

I'm entering into the most happy period of my life. (I'm pregnant) - can I use Skin Affair?

Yes, our products are safe for you to use, If you have serious concerns, you can consult your GP prior to use. However our products do not contain any chemicals that will harm you or the baby.

Why do your products have an expiration date?

All skin and body care products are required by law to have an expiration date. This ensures that a product will uphold its integrity, quality, performance and be safe for consumer use within a given period of time. Our products have a 2-year expiration date from the date of manufacture and a 6-month period of use, once opened within this 2-year date. Skin Affair does not use any harmful or controversial preservatives, often used to extend the shelf life of cosmetic products. We only use natural-based preservatives that are globally approved by COSMOS. To ensure best quality of use, it is important to ensure your Skin Affair products are stored correctly—Keep it sealed when not in use, and out of direct heat & sunlight.

Are Skin Affair products recyclable?

We go out of our way to source recyclable packaging material where possible, such as HDPE plastic and glass as much as possible. Look out for the recyclable logo on the packaging.


Dr Grandel is a world leading luxury skincare range made in Germany, which is known for its natural, deep cleansing, anti-aging ranges & concentrated ampoules. This international skincare brand strives to ensure that all of its products and services are of premium quality, meet customer needs and simply in a class of its own.


Dr Grandel are aware that doing business is not an end in itself but a means to serve people and society as a whole. That is why the company always endeavours to conserve resources and employ environmentally friendly processes. At the same time, Dr Grandel also actively contributes to society through cultural and social sponsoring.


This treatment is designed to treat hyperpigmentation. It restores & refines the skins appearance, for the ultimate skin perfection.

60 MIN . R715
30 MIN . R305
This purifying treatment removes impurities from distressed skin. The combination of scientifically advanced products and techniques is designed to rehydrate tired looking skin. Includes Dr Grandel Ampoule.
45 MIN . R415

Replenishes the skin's moisture reserves with various types of active hyaluronic acid & minerals. Expect an instant, long-lasting glow. 

75 MIN . R815

This anti-aging facial refines & tones the skin structure. It includes a massage with precious active ingredients that guarantee a remarkably smooth-looking skin. Includes 15min peel.

45 MIN . R515

The organic power of nature is for all-round, beautifully cared-for skin. Epigran, the multi-active essence obtained from wheatgerm, is at the heart of this treatment. Includes 15min peel.

60 MIN . R715

Perfect for occasions, this treatment visibly rejuvenates & renews the skin’s appearance with snow algae extract. Includes 15min peel.

LED treatment uses light therapy to promote skin cell regeneration & deeper product penetration. Can be added to any facial or spa treatment.
15 MIN . R250
95% pure oxygen promotes absorption of active ingredients into the skin and encourages circulation as well as stimulates cell regeneration.
15 MIN . R250
15 MIN . R220
Specially designed suction cups work to increase blood flow and circulation to leave you with glowing, radiant and decongested skin.


Are there Dr Grandel Facials for men?

Men definitely do have facials but I would not say there are different facials for a man. The men would need a skin assessment just like the ladies and their facial would be designed based on their skin type, just as like the ladies. We highly recommend the Hydroactive and Elements of Nature Facials for men.

How often should I get a Dr Grandel Facial?

We recommend having a facial every 6-8 weeks. If this doesn’t fit into your schedule or budget we recommend having a treatment 4 times a year at the change of each season to keep your skin healthy

When are the visible results of a Dr Grandel Facials?

You could notice visible changes immediately after a facial session and the skin also would feel and look different at once. The skin would feel squeaky clean, hydrated, smooth, radiant and visibly healthy. Often some individuals seek facials because of advanced skin conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, or acne or sun damage. In such skins, there is a need for long-term solutions. You must listen to the dictates of your experienced skin therapist

Who can benefit from Dr Grandel Timeless Facial?

Anyone who is smart enough to use sunscreen is already participating in an anti-ageing regimen, and there is so much more you can do. Treatment recommendations will vary according to skin type and condition, chronological age and skin maturity, level of sun damage (everyone has some), and the goals you have for your skin. Your skincare expert can outline your options and make recommendations.

What are the long-term benefits of using Dr Grandel products?

Plain and simple – healthy skin. Dr Grandel uses ingredients designed to help keep skin at an optimal health – not just cover up with cosmetic results. In addition, when skin is at an optimal level of health, your professional skin therapist can more effectively address issues that may arise from time to time, as your skin’s needs are constantly changing.


Deluxe Laser & Spa uses QMS Medicosmetics, voted World's Best Spa Brand. QMS “Quick Medical Cosmetics” is the ultimate skincare brand that is world-renowned for anti-aging by improving collagen production, rejuvenation of the skin and pigmentation correction. 

Containing a high concentration of active ingredients combined with bio-engineering, these formulations allow for the maximum absorption into the skin that will lead to great results instantly.

Designed to cleanse the skin of everyday impurities and congestion, this facial is great for any first timer. You will experience a thorough cleanse, exfoliation and an algenate mask, which calms any inflammation. Results will appear instantly and will leave you with an overall smoother and glowing complexion.
45 MIN . R535
This detoxifying facial targets the damaging effects of daily pollutants and helps repair the cellular structure of skin. Using advanced scientific technology, Epiginetics are used to promote collagen production as well as improves environmental damage to the cellular structure.
50 MIN . R775
Addresses anti-aging and the loss of collagen using 70% natural soluble collagens to return the skin to a youthful, healthy state. There are two methods of exfoliation in this facial to ensure that optimal product penetration is possible. Thereafter, a bovine collagen is applied, which is recognized by the body’s own collagen cells, resulting in improved skin elasticity and increased hydration. This facial is great for a special occasion and will leave the skin smooth, glowing, rehydrated and flawless.
75 MIN . R860
This advanced facial targets pigmentation using active brightening ingredients. You will receive deep exfoliation of the skin as well as experience specific serums that target the primary cause of the pigmentation, changing the appearance and healing the pigmented cell. This is most effective if done once a month as a course of 6 treatments.
90 MIN . R1280
LED treatment uses light therapy to promote skin cell regeneration & deeper product penetration. Can be added to any facial or spa treatment.
15 MIN . R260
15 MIN . R260
95% pure oxygen promotes absorption of active ingredients into the skin and encourages circulation as well as stimulates cell regeneration.
Specially designed suction cups work to increase blood flow and circulation to leave you with glowing, radiant and decongested skin.
15 MIN . R230


What makes QMS different from any other product?

QMS uses the newest technology to combine bio engineering, getting the best penetrative result and longer lasting effects.

When do you see a difference in the skin after receiving a QMS facial?

You will see an immediate difference due to the fruit acids that QMS uses and the collagen application that gives an instant anti-ageing result and improves most skin concerns.

How long does the effects of a QMS facial last?

Anything from 4- 6 weeks depending on your homecare regime.

How regularly should I have a facial?

Depending on the active ingredients used at home, once every 4 weeks when not using a good home regime. If you are using QMS facial products prescribed by your skincare expert at home, we would suggest you have your treatment in 6 week intervals.

What makes QMS moisturisers different to regular moisturisers?

QMS moisturisers are able to teach the skin to rebuild new cells and act as an stimulator, not a replacer. Therefore your skin cells do not crave moisture but produce its own due to the stimulation of the active ingredients that gets absorbed into the skin.

30 MIN . R460
Antioxidant back treatment, includes a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, enhancing ampoule application to target a specific skin concern in combination with LED light therapy, and concluded with a luxurious body lotion. (LED will be substituted with a back, neck & shoulder massage at our Cloud 9 branch)
Purifying Back Treatment, includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, enhancing ampoule application, an LED light followed by a Swedish massage that targets deeper tissue structures, concluded with a luxurious body lotion. (LED will be substituted with a steam & hot stone massage at our Cloud 9 branch)
60 MIN . R605
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